Anhui Yuan Zhu Yuan Ecological Farming Co

Anhui Yuanzhuyuan Ecological breeding Co., Ltd is locates in the Dashageng Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park of Huoshan county, which is constructed by the investment of the Lion Goose Group. The total breeding scale of the company is an annual output of 100 thousand grown-up gooses and 200 thousand baby gooses, the total coverage reaches 1000mu, having completed the road bed, the pool excavation, concrete retaining wall, 5000㎡ standard goose house, walls and nets, water supply, electricity supply, drainage, forestation and relaxation pavilions, and infrastructure facility construction. The company mainly works on ecological relaxation tourism agriculture integrated with Wanxi White Gooses breeding, aquaculture, catering, recreation, angling, agriculture sightseeing tourism. The company is divided into five districts: breeding district, plantation district, catering district, angling district, relaxation district, and comprehensive service district. Aquaculture coverage is 180mu. The company stresses on the economic concept of ecological development, mainly to breed the Wanxi White Gooses, takes goose droppings to feed fish, grows vegetables and grass to feed the gooses, utilizes them in cycle and reduce pollution. The company takes producing and selling “Green Food” as its biggest feature, and takes the operation goal of making customers enjoy freshness and nature ,keep away from pollution and live in low-carbon lifestyle. Warmly welcome people from all sectors of society to visit.



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