Over 20 years’ accumulation, the leading brand in the feather down industry

Editor:曹乐 Source:万博manbetx官网网页万万博体育官网 Date:2014-05-31

“White-hot ” completion degree of China’s feather down market has not attenuated from beginning to the end. Lion Goose, which has been accumulating in the feather down industry for more than twenty years in the fierce competition of China’s feather down industry, not only acquires market’s full recognition, but also stands out of the industry by the concept of fashion and excellent quality. Excellent product materials, exquisite manufacturing technology, high-end design assortment, green and environment- friendly production ideology and living concept of nature and health is the strong support for establishing the outstanding brand image for “Lion Goose Feather Down”. To provide comfortable feeling to customers, improving living quality, building warm and sweet environment is Lion Goose’s persistent pursuit. Lion Goose feather down products stand out of the sea of brands with its distinct and unique characteristics, and acquire theirs opportunity of existence and development, further to establish the brand’s charisma and influence in its segment market, thus to get target customers’ clear recognition and relative high acknowledgment.