Reform the products concepts, leading the international market

Editor: Source: Date:2014-05-31

Lion Goose insists the Chinese traditional ecological ideology of man is an integral part of nature, considering that man is the carrier of the lifestyle, favoring the natural ecology living method. Put the natural green living ideology throughout the whole production design procedures, encouraging people to pursue health and natural green life. Be the first to introduce high-end design concept, which combines somatology, human mechanics, aesthetics ,color, etc., principles to form the unique style of fresh and fashionable. It makes Lion Goose Feather Down enjoy good reputation abroad, with its products exported to Europe and America, Australia, Japan, etc., countries and regions, which are favored by domestic and foreign customers. In the mean time, the platform of feather down trading market is the distributing center for feather down processing enterprises of the surrounding provinces and cities to sell products and to purchase raw material. Several feather down merchants have already settled in trading market. The warehouse coverage of the market reaches 30 thousand square meters. “Lion Goose Feather Down” successfully finds the commanding heights of its own.