Group Profile

Anhui Lion Goose Group established in the year of 1992, locates in the important national breeding poultry cluster and world-renowned place of origin for premium feather down-Western Anhui·Huoshan, which is a corporate group integrated with feather(feather down)processing, feather down products and home textile quilting products manufacturing, feather trading and ecological breeding.
The group has a coverage of 396 mu, with construction area of 70 thousand square meters. The group has many modern production lines for feather processing, feather down and quilting products. And its products are widely distributed to Europe and U.S. , Australia, Japan, and other countries and regions.
The group including many subordinates and engaging in many fields such as feather processing, trading, home textiles, financial investment, properties, ecological agriculture and so on, forming a complete supply chain layout from raw material supply, upstream products to downstream products
The group has four trade mark systems of “Lion Goose, SUOMENG, AIFUSHI, MANSI” which are registered for overseas trade mark protection in countries of European Union and others. The trade mark of “Lion Goose” is Anhui famous trade mark, Anhui famous brand for independent export and Anhui famous brand.
The Group has received four International certifications which are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO4001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System(OHSMS) certification.
The group has the “Provincial enterprise technical center” with relatively strong capability for independent design and research. And it carries out project cooperation with many research institutions and schools. Currently, the group owns two provincial hi-tech products, one provincial technical achievement appraisal and many patents which include the inventions.
As the leader of feather down industry in China, the group has been entitled with “Circular Economy Model Unit of Anhui Province”, “Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise of Anhui Province”, “Hi-tech Enterprises of Anhui Province”, “ Standard Implementation Pilot Enterprise of Integrating informatization and industrialization management system of Anhui Province. ", " Standard Implementation Pilot Enterprise of Intellectual Property Management of Anhui Province"“Anhui’s Top 100 Private Enterprises”, “Anhui’s Honor contract and Trustworthy Enterprise”and“Enterprise of Double A Degree Quality Management in China’s Feather Down industry”. The feather down products can be marked “China Premium Feather Down” in the International and domestic markets. In the year of 2010, the company was entitled with “China Feather Down Trading Market" by the CCCFNA. It is a unique national feather trading market at present. The honor makes us feel more responsibilities we should taken on, to
rapidly transform our mindset, focus on creating casual feather down products, put up new concept of fashionable leisure life, and lay the foundation for Lion Goose’s leading position in the field
Lion Goose insists the Chinese traditional ecological ideology that man is an integral part of nature, considering that man is the carrier of the lifestyle, favoring the natural green living method. The group puts the natural green living ideology throughout the whole production design procedures, encouraging people to pursue health and natural green life. As the pioneer of feather down industry in Anhui , the group will conscientiously study and refer the advanced development ideas and technology in international and domestic feather down industry, to integrate the power of capital and industry, further to promote the feather down industry and industrial economic development into a new level.




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